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Alverstoke House aims to provide clients with a happy, homely environment in which their care, comfort and well being is of prime importance. 

The Residents Charter 
Choose what time they get up in the morning and retire at night 
Have a named member of staff responsible for their well being 
Have meals in the place of their choice. i.e. their own room or communal dining area 
Be consulted about their meals 
Choose how often they wish to bathe 
Be given the choice of their clothes 
Be permitted visitors at any time 
Be provided with privacy for their toilet needs, washing and to entertain visitors 
Have access to GP's, Dentists, Opticians, Chiropodists, Priests or Hairdressers 
Be permitted to bring with them any article of furniture or personal possession that they wish 
Aims and Objectives 
Our aim is to provide a service which encompasses all the resident's needs. Both high levels of quality nursing care but also emotional support in a relaxed and inclusive environment, with emphasis on interaction and two way discourse with doctors, other health professionals and the residents family and friends. 
It is our aim that those who live in our home should do so with dignity, have the respect of those who support them and be entitled to live a full and active life, given the fundamental right to self determination and individuality. 
The purpose of our home is to enable residents to achieve their full potential and this is best achieved by sensitive recognition and nurturing. Our aim is to preserve the self respect of those who depend upon the support of others. 
Privacy of space is important as is the clients right to hold and express opinions. 
Courtesy and respect in all relationships will be observed. 
The staff must respect what is personal and private. 
Clients should not for example be regimented or subject to rigid routine. 
Staff aim to be responsive to the needs and requirements of each individual client, discrimination does not take place on any grounds. Those who are competent to judge for themselves are free to make their own decisions as long as they do not threaten their own safety and/or the safety of others 
Philosophy of Care 
Alverstoke House aims to provide clients with a happy, homely environment in which their care, comfort and well being is of prime importance. 
Carers will strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all Clients within a warm and caring atmosphere, and in so doing will be sensitive to the Clients ever-changing needs.  
Such needs may be medical/therapeutic (for physical and mental welfare), emotional and social, cultural, psychological, spiritual, and Clients are encouraged to participate in the development of their individualised Care Plans in which the involvement of family and friends may be appropriate and is greatly valued.  
This will be achieved through programs of activities designed to encourage mental alertness, self -esteem and social interaction with other Service Users. 
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